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Sneaky Ways to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

Where to Cut Corners Where Guests Will Never Notice

It is a rare couple whose wedding planning isn’t guided by some level of budget, regardless if the bride and groom, the parents or a combination of both are footing the bills. Planning a wedding and staying within your set budget requires a calculator, prioritizing and a pair of tightrope walking shoes because you’ll be walking a fine line choosing what you want and what makes guests and family happy.

Having helped plan and host more weddings than we can count here at Adams Pointe Conference Center, our staff put together a list of places where couples can cut corners (or completely cut out) to plan their ideal wedding and stay within budget. And, your guests will never know the difference.

Your Wedding Date and Time
Unless you’re picking your wedding date on an emotionally significant event, then consider getting married during the wedding “off season.” Wedding venues and vendors work on the economic rule of supply and demand. Meaning, they can be far more expensive during peak wedding season. Not only could choosing a different month save you money, but your guests might appreciate a break from the wedding season rush, too.

Most popular wedding months: October, September, August and June

Least popular months to wed: March, February and January

Engagement Announcements, Save the Date Cards and Wedding Invitations
How fortunate are we to be living in the time of Etsy and personal, artistic expression? Engagement announcements, save the date cards and wedding invitations reflect your “couple” style and set the mood for your wedding. What they don’t have to be is heavy, which adds postage or expensively printed on quarter-inch card stock with 24-karat gold ink. Very few people, except you, parents and grandparents, will save these past your wedding date. Most end up in the trash after spending a few months on the fridge or in a drawer.

Flowers, All the Flowers
On the flip side, how unfortunate are we to be living in the time of Pinterest and wedding reality television shows? Towering, cascading flowers make for beautiful photos, as well as ooohs and ahhhs from guests. The reality is that you can achieve the same effect with just about any type of floral arrangements. Choose flowers that are in season, which dramatically cuts down on cost. Rather than paying for arrangements in both areas, consider transferring arrangements from the wedding venue to the reception venue. Aisle décor can make for beautiful table centerpieces. It’s a simple and easy way to cut costs on the flowers, just be sure to assign someone you trust to handle getting them from one place to another. If your wedding is held in the same venue as your reception, like couples can do at Adams Pointe Conference Center, all the easier.

Wedding Programs and Favors
Yes, both your programs and favors will be noticed, but the longevity of each doesn’t warrant blowing your wedding budget. “Those were the best programs and favors I’ve ever seen,” said no one ever. Our staff typically picks up the programs from chairs and tables during clean up, if they make it from the wedding venue to the reception. Favors are like your announcements and invites. They just have to reflect your special day in a meaningful way. Skip the expensive monogramming to increase the odds of guests ever using your favor again. Think of it this way… How many times do you pull out the monogrammed glass you received at someone’s wedding to set the dinner table?

The Wedding Cake
We know we’re walking on sacred ground, suggesting cutting corners on the wedding cake. But, hear us out. There are ways to have your cake and enjoy eating it, too. Cakes are remembered for their taste. The faux pearls, flowers, lace, sugar sculptures, etc., may look beautiful, but either they don’t taste good or they’re removed before serving anyway. Fondant can look gorgeous, but it comes up short compared to butter cream frosting in the yummy department. Couples can save a lot of money on wedding cakes by focusing on taste instead of grandiose looks. If your heart is set on a decadently decorated cake, another alternative is to go all out on a smaller cake and serve guests from a complementary sheet cake.

A La Carte Vendors
Choosing a venue that provides several services for your wedding and reception can save thousands of dollars compared to hiring individual vendors. Bonus, with the venue’s wedding consultant juggling all the details, there is less risk of one vendor thinking another vendor is handling something. Extra bonus, having one vendor to coordinate with is far less stress on you. Adams Pointe Conference Center offers creative planning, elegant facilities, fabulous food and exceptional service – all in one place, one point of contact. From rehearsal dinners and wedding ceremonies to the reception, a consultant works with you to create the wedding of your dreams. Plus, there’s the benefit of a complimentary hotel room for the night for you and hotel accommodations available on-site for guests.

We’ve worked with hundreds of Kansas City couples’ budgets and have plenty of ideas and options to keep your wedding within budget. Just contact us when you need some helpful advice.